Meditation Retreat in Sedona, AZ

Sacred Journey to Sedona and The Grand Canyon

In the vast and spacious,
In the true and undistorted,
In the pure and unpolluted,
In the silent and still,
In the harmonious and beautiful,
In the intelligent and humble,
In the absolute and fulfilled,
The nature of the mind is revealed…

Destination Airport: PHX – Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Arrive on: Wednesday, Mar 21, 2018
Depart on: Wednesday, Apr 04, 2018



The Grand Canyon Hike
(6 nights, 7 days)
March 21 – March 29


This will be a pilgrimage back to the inner core. With each day, the mind-body will open up to more stillness, and we will become progressively receptive to the experiences, guidance, purification and healing that the Canyon has for us.

Some parts of the canyon are physically demanding, yet what is more important is a willing spirit to welcome challenges and perhaps discover a wholesome inner strength that can move mountains.


the grand canyon

Meditation and Energy Vortexes in Sedona
March 30 – April 4


Each day will be spent in nature, not too active in terms of hiking. Mostly a short walk from the parking lot, sit, gaze, reflect, listen, feel, connect, meditate. These are places of very high energy where the veil between our physical existence and beyond is very thin. Each person who visits these places with proper intention and preparation will receive in accordance with what one is ready for. Deep peace, unconditional love, gratitude for life, appreciation for beauty, and an awe of stillness is commonly experienced there.

Please be prepared to allow a possible movement through old emotional pain or to surrender the ego so that a heightened state of awareness and sensitivity once again flourish within. Should you find yourself moving through such experiences, I will gladly offer guidance and support upon request.


Approximate Cost

$400 – $750, depending on group size and trip duration, not including airfare.
Breakdown below:

  • Rental Car
    $150 per person based on five people per vehicle for the entire duration of the trip. If you come only for a portion of the trip, your amount will be prorated.

  • Hiking through the Grand Canyon
    $130 includes a hiking permit and the cost of food for 7 days. Necessary gear is extra.

  • Lodging in Sedona
    We will be lodging comfortably either in a house or a luxury condo. The cost is between $90 and $250 per night (not per person.)

  • Meals in Sedona
    Food is about $20 – $40 per day, depending on your appetite and choice of expensive restaurants.

It is an honor to be your guide. I do not yet charge for a trip like this, but if it is comfortable, you may make a donation in any amount.

I would also ask that the group splits my trip expenses, which amounts to $70 – $100 per person depending on group size.

Please contact me with any questions!


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