Food List for Hiking in the Grand Canyon

It is very important to eat well as we will be burning around 5000 – 7000 calories a day!
Individual Items (7 days, 6 nights)
  • Steelcut Instant Oats Variety Pack for Breakfast
    Please purchase enough to eat two pouches during each breakfast for 7 days.
  • Alternative Breakfast which I prefer: Instant Buckwheat with Dried Fruits. I add powdered goat milk and dandy blend powder. Delicious!
  • 7: Dr. McDougall’s Soup Cups or Freeze Dried Soups in the bulk section (excellent at WholeFoods)
  • 8: LÄRABAR or similar (one or two for each day)
  • 1: Trail Mix
  • 1: Dry cheese that is usually on display without refrigeration
  • 1: small box of cookies and or other sweets
  • 1: savory crackers
  • 3: small packs of coconut oil
  • 3: Primal Strips Meatless Vegan Jerky-Variety Gift Pack Sampler; 12 Assorted 1 Ounce Strips delicious and nutritious vegan jerky! This is a great savory snack.
  • Dried Fruit (available at Traider’s Joe) Note the ingredients list. Often times there are natural flavors, added sugars and preservatives.
  • Freeze-dried meals Good To-Go is my personal favorite. (also available at REI)
    Typically, eaten for dinner. Plan on either soup or freeze-dried meal.
I do recommend to eat purely vegetarian during our hike together, however, if you must have at least some meat, consider having Fish Jerky to satisfy the craving.
Personal Items
  • 1: Toothpaste: small, travel-size. (preferably natural, although will be spitting out into a plastic bag)
  • 1: Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soap 2oz.
  • 1: Toilet Paper Roll
  • 1: zip-lock bag for used toilet paper. (strict leave no trace policy)
  • 2: Large Garbage Bags. One to wrap stored sleeping bag to protect against rain. Another to cover backpack.

Group Items

  • 2: Delicious Loafs of Bread
Grand Canyon Hiking Gear List