Gear List for Grand Canyon Hiking

Most of the gear can be rented at local outfitters in Flagstaff, AZ and at the Grand Canyon General Store. Please contact me with any questions!

Individual Items
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Group Items


Please don’t take anything cotton into the canyon. I also recommend avoiding polyester if possible.

  • Good Shoes! If you don’t already have broken-in hiking shoes with ankle support, take your gym shoes with you as a backup! REI store has knowledgeable staff that will help you to find the perfect pair and size.
    Great hiking shoes
    for women: La Sportiva Nucleo
    for men: La Sportiva Nucleo

    As a general rule, your hiking boots should be 1/2 size bigger than your regular shoe size to accommodate for the swelling of the feet when walking long distances and carrying weight. This is especially important for hiking in high elevation. If feet swell up and there is little room for expansion, blisters may occur.

  • 3 pairs of wool socks
  • 1 pair of liner socks
  • 2 pairs of polyester or wool underwear.
    Men’s, Women’s
    go with wool if you’re feeling fancy. (recommended)
  • 1 or 2 short-sleeve shirt – wool preferred
    men’s short sleeve, women’s short sleeve,
  • 1 long sleeves shirt –  wool preferred.
    men’s long sleeve, women’s long sleeve
  • 1 pair of pants – fast drying.
    No jeans or heavy material. Shorts are not recommended for hiking due to rough and thorny bushes low on the ground. Will scratch the skin below the knees while walking. men’s, women’s
  • 1 Lightweight Fleece
  • 1 Lightweight Primaloft or down jacket.
    Once the sun goes down, the temperature will drop to about 41F. A body tired after all day of walking will feel colder than it would normally feel.
  • Hat to protect from the sun
  • Bandana
  • Warm Hat.
    It gets cold after sunset
  • Chap-stick
    Lips will get very dry!
  • Sunblock
    I hate it and use it in extreme cases only. I did not find the canyon to be extreme within my standards. When the sun was intense, I put on long sleeve shirt and was fine. Let’s make sure that we only have one tube of sunblock for the group, which we can buy on the way.
  • Ziplock bag for your valuables. Your phone will not work inside the canyon, but if you choose to bring it, put it into a ziplock bag.

Ladies, you are absolutely stunning just as you are. If you do use any kind of make up, creams or hair products, please leave those at home or at least in the car. It will only be extra bulk and weight in your backpack, which you will regret. I promise! 

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