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Chicago 2018

“How to be Self-Loving While Undergoing Inner Remodeling?”
A teaching on transcendence of reasoning that permits or denies love, and moving toward relating from a higher perspective. Why reasoning and justification work better when loving another and not as potent when trying to love self?


“Healing the Body and Karma of Relationships Through Spiritual Awareness”
This lecture will explore the effects that thoughts and emotions have on the physical health and relationships. Learn how to utilize spiritual awareness and meditation to clear psychological and emotional toxicity from the tissues,organs, meridians and energy centers of the body.


“How do we answer our own questions?”
This lecture will explore whether it is possible to find the answer in the question and how to look at the question in such a way so that an answer presents itself.


Chicago 2016

“Psychic Attacks & Protection”
Recognizing reactive emotional projections versus intentional psychic influences from beings of the visible and the invisible realms. What they are and how to protect yourself.


“Exploring the Wounded Feminine”
Understanding the inner pain and struggle of women and what is needed for healing and rising to the sacred-feminine.


“Will of the Ego & Will of the Spirit”
Understanding the nature and quality of Will and what role it plays in the inner work. Exploring the ephemeral will of personality and a more permanent Will of the essence.


“Relationships & Spiritual Growth”
What is the divine and undistorted intent of Relationships and what place does emotional, psychological, physical and sexual intimacy have in spirituality.


Chicago 2015

“Dream Yoga – Out of Body Travel Advisories”
A very special secret teaching to those who wish to master the art of traveling astrally to other realities, dharma realms, or universes.


“What Is Meditation”
Clearing confusion, assumptions and barriers to meditation. Freeing thoughts, feelings and phenomena into Natural Space



Lama LenaLama Lena (Yeshe Kaytup)
With over 40 years of dharma study and practice and 7 years in retreat in a small cave above Tso Pema under the tutelage of her root teacher, Venerable Wangdor Rinpoche, she travels the world teaching to those at any level of dharma practice with an informal style that is both humorous and anecdotal.

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