The Body Does Not Lie: Mixed Somatics & Mindfulness Retreat

…in the beauty and magic of Southern Colorado!

Saturday, Jul 14 – Thursday, Jul 19, 2018

Daily CI Jams – Somatic Workshops – Trips to Natural Hot Springs – Hiking – Quiet Time in Nature – Home Cooked Meals – Love

We will approach the body as a living history, a continuation of thousands of years of sensorial interaction with dense and etheric worlds.

Does history choreograph natural movement of the body?
Where in the body is awareness concentrated?
Do you oscillate between feeling embodied and disembodied?
What life stories are hidden in the muscular tensions?
How does the body respond to physical contact?
How does the mind interpret touch?

Particular emphasis on:
– Discovering effortless, spontaneous movement.
– Deep inner listening.
– Noticing and releasing unnecessary tensions.
– Establishing congruence between mind and body.
– Finding joy in movement and playing like children.

We will use these questions to guide ourselves in the exploration of how connected we are to our history and allow the body to tell it’s story though movement.

Each day will be dedicated to somatic practices, guided introspection and meditation to ground the body, thoughts and emotions. Even a possibility for an impromptu Russian Bards concert!



$250 – $400
Airfare not included. Each trip to the hot springs is additional $15 admission fee. All prices include home cooked meals.

  • $400
    If you are comfortable with this amount, it would be a generous contribution to our efforts as well as it would help sponsor those traveling on a budget.

  • $300
    This amount covers the retreat and contributes to our efforts and expenses to make the retreat possible.

  • $250
    If you are on a budget, we hope this amount may be suitable. If you need further discount, talk to us!

  • (Positions Filled) Free or Pay What You Can
    Work-study program is available for a few caring individuals that can assist with the flow and operations of the retreat. If interested, please contact us!


Beautiful, spacious home with great views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and the Sand Dunes National Park, large rooms, Internet, Washer & Drier.


Getting There

Transportation will be provided to and from the COS – Colorado Springs Airport if arriving on the retreat schedule.

If flying into Denver, you can take an Express Arrow Bus ( from the Denver Greyhound Bus Station, departing at 1:45pm and arriving to Moffat, CO at 6pm. Please contact us with your itinerary to arrange a pickup from Moffat Bus Stop.

If you plan to drive, please contact us for direction. The city is called “Center” so the retreat will take place in Center, CO.

This retreat is only for 15-20 participants!

We look forward to meeting you!! <3

Questions? contact us!

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