Walk for the sake of walking.
Do for the sake of doing.
Breathe for the sake of breathing.
Look for the sake of looking.
Speak for the sake of speaking.
Hear for the sake of hearing.
Touch for the sake of touching.

There is much hype over meditation these days. Inner peace, control over the mind, physical healing and higher knowledge are powerful attention grabbers, inviting millions to explore an overwhelming lineup with varying philosophies and techniques. This is an invitation to take a step back from schools of meditation and notice an innate, organic, and precious faculty of self-observation.

It is important to know oneself. To achieves mastery over one’s mind, one must first derive knowledge of the mind through experience. Inner peace, physical healing and deep understanding then gain the potential to come as byproducts proportional to that degree of mastery.
Meditation is less of a technique and more of a way of being, staying present, patient, allowing and non-reactive with each and every experience of thought, emotion, feeling and sensation. It could be said that meditation is a ceremonial practice to honor and merge with the intelligence that is observable in nature. Just as the Sun unconditionally nurtures all that it illuminates, so too meditation brings about non-judgmental light of awareness in which there is no division. Offering such awareness inside the body-mind brings about higher action to illuminate and restore psychological, physical and energetic balance.

This is a guided practice to “squint” the inner eye of awareness in order to witness and embody subtle mechanisms of the body-mind.

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